Brooklyn’s Beach Fossils Return With ‘This Year,’ Their First New Music Since 2013

03.02.17 1 year ago

The last time we saw Beach Fossils, they were playing a proto-punk band fronted by Mick Jagger’s son James in the first and only season of HBO’s Vinyl. It’s been almost four years since the band released 2013’s Clash The Truth, which was the soundtrack to a very weird, yet for some reason incredibly nostalgic point of my life.

Now, after all that time, the band has returned to announce the June 2nd release of their third full-length album Somersault. They’ve also unveiled their first new music since 2013 in the form of “This Year,” which you can check out above. It’s a classic Beach Fossils track, breezy with vocals shrouded in reverb, setting the stage well for the album’s remaining ten tracks.

In a statement announcing Somersault, frontman Dustin Payseur says that “This Year” is about, “facing mistakes you’ve made, aiming to work on it and better yourself, but ending up making the same mistakes again. It’s kind of an endless loop. People always aim to make New Year’s resolutions, get a fresh start, but ultimately fall back into these old bad habits.”

Somersault tracklist is below.
1. “This Year”
2. “Tangerine (feat. Rachel Goswell)”
3. “Saint Ivy”
4. “May 1st”
5. “Rise (feat. Cities Aviv)”
6. “Sugar”
7. Closer Everywhere”
8. “Social Jetlag”
9. “Down The Line”
10. “Be Nothing”
11. “That’s All For Now”

Somersault is out June 2nd on Payseur’s label Bayonet Records. Pre-order it here.

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