The Music Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now

07.03.19 2 months ago
best music podcasts right now

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Last Updated: July 3rd

Music is an art form that enhances everyday life in innumerable ways, but sometimes you crave listening to something a little different while away the hours on that morning and evening commute. Over the last decade, podcasts have risen to become one of the new, dominant mediums for intelligent conversation, impactful interviews, and new discovery. Favorite hosts become something like reliable friends you can return to and check in on at any time to seek out their wisdom or humor.

While there are thousands of podcasts that touch on nearly every topic under the sun, the options for music lovers are patently overwhelming. With that in mind, here are 20 of the best music podcasts to help you discover new artists, or go deep on old favorites.

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People’s Party With Talib Kweli

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What happens when one of the most thoughtful hip-hop artists alive gets in a room with an assortment of legendary musicians, athletes, and personalities? Some of the most insightful and surprising conversations available in podcast form. With guests including Lamar Odom, Jemele Hill, and Bun B, Kweli promises the series, which includes video and podcast forms, “won’t be doing the whole late night talk show song and dance. No gimmicks, no bullsh*t. We need every second we have to discuss art, culture, politics and social justice.”

Check out the full library here

Celebration Rock


Okay, maybe there’s a little bias going on here, but Steven Hyden’s podcast Celebration Rock deserves top-billing in any ranking exercise strictly on the merits. Whether it’s his in-depth interviews with the likes of Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant, Father John Misty, or Courtney Barnett, his back and forths with esteemed critics like Rob Sheffield, Amanda Petrusich, Ian Cohen, or Chuck Klosterman about rock releases both past and present, or his multi-part series on Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam, Hyden always makes for incredibly engaging listening experience.

Check out the full library here.

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