Beyonce Remembered Aaliyah On The 15th Anniversary Of Her Death With A Sweet Red Carpet Memory

Many tributes have surfaced today in honor of Aaliyah. The R&B world’s “baby girl” passed away on August 25, 2001 following her plane returning from the Bahamas tragically crashing and killing all passengers aboard. Perhaps one of the most poignant tributes came from none other than Beyonce.

Queen Bey shared a moment from the 2000 MTV Movie Awards when she was acting as a red carpet correspondent for the network. The two chatted about being excited to see D’Angelo — before throwing to Sisqo, trapping it forever in the early ’00s, but really, what’s fascinating is watching the two young stars. You see the brief clip and you wonder what could’ve been with these two ladies dominating the pop world. Beyonce’s now 34 and clearly runs the world. We can’t help but wonder where exactly a 37-year-old Aaliyah would land in today’s stratosphere of the stars. The singer was taken as her career, both music and acting, were beginning to take her to higher levels. Where exactly would her path had taken her by now?

There wasn’t a caption posted with the clip — Beyonce, cryptic as always — but you have to feel something if you’ve ever listened to the music of Aaliyah and knew the depth of her artistry and soul. Certainly, Bey does, and she’s one of the biggest stars on the entire planet. To see them sharing a moment, even a brief one, will instantly make make the mind wonder what if.