Beyoncé’s ‘Plastic Off The Sofa’ Inspires A New Challenge That Lets People Channel Their Inner Queen B

This is the summer of Beyoncé’s Renaissance, an album that has demanded everyone’s attention since it was announced in June and prefaced with the bombastic lead single “Break My Soul.” As fans marvel at the way it brings back house music and prioritizes track sequencing, they’re also starting TikTok trends and challenges based on the LP.

The current Renaissance trend involves the song “Plastic Off The Sofa,” which has intense vocal parts that remind us of why Beyoncé is as much of an icon as she is. The challenge is to try to emulate the “Love On Top” performer’s vocals, requiring lots of vibrato, jumping around the scale, and breath. It’s not easy, but that’s the point, plus it’s a good way to prove yourself if you’re a musician trying to get yourself out there on social media.

Even some celebrities are participating — Chloe Bailey posted an impressive video on Instagram, and somehow she makes it seem effortless.

Find more examples below.


#plasticoffthesofachallenge ib: @Avery Wilson 💕 @Beyoncé running circles around us as per usual 🥵🙌 #renaissance #beyonce #riffchallenge #singer

♬ original sound – Cayleigh 🎶 Capaldi

Social media has not only been affected by the album, but it’s been affecting the album itself. Fans called out Beyoncé’s use of an ableist slur, and their voices were so numerous that it has been taken off Renaissance.