Bobby Shmurda Says He Received Oral Sex And Smoked Weed While In Prison

Bobby Shmurda is free. Not only from prison, but free to make and release music as an independent artist. In an interview with Variety, the “Hot Boy” rapper discussed making new music, his upcoming EP, and his time in prison. Specifically, he recalled partaking in sexual activities during prison visits.

“I got oral sex, didn’t get sex sex,” Shmurda said. “I’m too big to be doing all that other sh*t, ya understand?”

When asked how the guards and prison staff would react to these acts, Shmurda said, “Some of them wouldn’t care, they’d be like [shrugs]. Some would be like [in deep voice], “Ackquille Pollard! Chill, hold it down, son! What the f*ck you doing?! This girl right here, both of y’all get the f*ck out!”

On top of that, Shmurda revealed that he smoked weed behind bars, saying, “I ain’t got nothing else to do.”

When Shmurda released “Hot Boy” in 2014, its accompanying music video popularized the “Shmoney dance,” which went viral on platforms like YouTube and the now-defunct Vine. While in jail, Shmurda made sure to never lose his dancing groove.

“I made killers dance,” Shmurda said. “I make everybody dance with everybody,” while adding that he found inspiration in a multitude of genres.

“I’ll play all types of music: Spanish music, pop music, Jamaican music,” he said. “I do everything but country and rock. I can’t really get into country and rock too much. Pop, R&B, hip-hop, jazz, I like everything.”