Bobby Shmurda Says He ‘Probably Would Have Killed Somebody’ If He Didn’t Go To Prison

Bobby Shmurda is getting his career back on track. After being released from prison in February of 2021 after six years, the rapper has not only released his first EP, Bodboy, since being a free man, he’s also about to go on tour with Rowdy Rebel this year. The now fully independent artist just gave a revealing interview to XXL, where he was candid about not being on the Epic Records roster anymore and also saying that he “probably would have killed somebody” had he not be in prison.

When asked about whether he thought his prison stint held him back, Shmurda stated that it actually did exactly the opposite.

“I feel like sh*t has set me forward,” he said. “If I didn’t go to jail, I probably would have killed somebody or did some crazy sh*t and been locked up for life. I was a bugout before. I had some situations that I thank God never came up that guns was pulled. All types of situations outside of clubs and shit. Before I was Bobby Shmurda. And lucky that I had certain people with me to restrain me to do whatever that I could have lost my life at certain points. That whole situation, it shows growth.”

He was very reflective in his response and elaborated further in how he’s focused on making business moves now. Some of his supposed ventures include trying to build a security company, a clinic, apps, a clothing brand and then added, “I got a weed business jumping off with the EP.”

You can read the whole interview at XXL here.