Cardi Remembers Offset’s Immediate Reaction To The News Of The Late Takeoff’s Death

2023 is looking like the year of Cardi B’s return. A couple of days ago, the rapper teased her first album in five years. She also just hopped on the first episode of the REVOLT show to catch fans up on what she’s doing. The episode is full of a lot of interesting conversation, but she also discussed remembering Offset’s reaction to the tragic death of Takeoff.

“We was in bed,” she said. “We was going to go to La La’s party in New York, and my daughter threw up all over my costume… We just fell asleep, and out of nowhere, Offset’s phone kept ringing, and mine kept ringing.”

She continued, “Offset picked up the phone, and he’s just like ‘No!’ screaming [over and over].” Finally, when his wife asked what was wrong, Offset replied, “Takeoff is dead.”

She smacked her husband in disbelief, begging him not to say something so horrible.

Earlier this month, other Migos member Quavo shared a heartbreaking tribute to Takeoff, “Without You.” It captures the rapper’s grief in graphic detail. “Tears rolling down my eyes / Can’t tell you how many times I cried / Days ain’t the same without you,” he sang.

Listen to the podcast episode with Cardi B below.

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