Cende’s David Blaine Story Will Make You Want To Meet Your Heroes

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One of the members of Brooklyn’s ascendant power-pop outfit Cende once chased David Blaine on a moped to hand the street magician a pin with his face on it — but that’s only half as weird as that sounds. You see, the band used to live in a house and DIY venue that was kind-of, sort-of named after the world’s best pole-stander. When I spoke to them earlier this week they admitted to having a “cult-like” love of Blaine and… well, even that may not be doing the best way to make chasing down a famed illusionist with a piece of face-stamped merch sound all the way right. Let’s back up to the formation of the band.

Cende came together in a Brooklyn house and DIY venue. The four-piece’s members had all recently graduated from SUNY-Purchase and moved into the Brooklyn house. Many of the the group’s members already had commitments in other groups, but they decided to start playing in another band partially because they all loved the new-classic West Texas punk of The Marked Men.

The band had settled on a name for themselves — Downies –but when the time came to put on a show at their home, they had to come up with a name fast.

“We realized we didn’t have a name for the apartment,” said vocalist and songwriter Wisch. “At the time Greg [Rutkin] worked at Michael Jordan’s The Steakhouse and our friend Frankie lived near David Blaine. So we put David Blaine’s The Steakhouse on the posters and the name stuck.”

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