Chiiild Wishes Himself ‘Bon Voyage’ As He Has Outgrown His Hometown In A Cinematic New Video

Multi-genre recording artist Chiiild took fans on a trip back to his hometown on his new experimental single, “Bon Voyage.” If you’re a fan of his previously released tracks, “Eventually” and “Gone” featuring Jensen McRae, you are in for a treat with this self-produced number.

Co-written by long-time collaborator Mic Coogan, “Bon Voyage” is a sensory experience as it pulls together elements of R&B, alternative, and electronic music. The song’s title, which translates to ‘good journey,’ lets listeners know they are in for a sonic adventure. With lyrics like, “if you let me take you ’round / show you things you never found / hold your breath so you won’t drown / Synesthesia, feel the sound,” and, “Meet me on a mountain in a daydream / everybody out here on the same thing / but baby we’re just out here levitating,” listeners are transported into a masterfully conducted journey by the singer.

Always one for the theatrics, in the official video directed by Trey Lyons, Chiiild explores every nook and cranny of his hometown Montreal, Canada. Throughout the video, there are several disorienting shots in which Chiiild at times appears almost larger than life. This artistic touch drives home the point that Chiiild has outgrown his neighborhood and needs to leave the nest in order to fully develop himself not only as a person and as an artist as well.

When asked about the significance behind the track, Chiiild replied, “[‘Bon Voyage’] marks the beginning of this new chapter.” He then went onto Twitter to further expand on his point, writing, “I spent the past year trying to relive the feeling I had when working in my old basement on Brossard. This track was my theme song through that process.”

Chiiild acknowledged this theme would be explored further on his forthcoming album as he answered, “my aim with [Better Luck In The Next Life] is to give you a look inside my mind. Into the doubts, fears, ambitions, and a few connections along the way. It was a form of healing, putting these real situations into songs. When everybody is out here on the same thing, we’re just out here levitating.”

Chiiild has not yet shared the official release date for Better Luck In The Next Life, only promising to deliver it sometime next year. For now, we will accept “Bon Voyage” as a sweet taste of what to expect from the album.

Watch the video for “Bon Voyage” above.