Chiiild Performed A Medley Of ‘Pirouette’ And ‘Sleepwalking’ For His US Late Night Debut

Chiiild, aka Yonatan Ayal, is releasing his debut album, Hope For Sale in just a few weeks on July 23, and ahead of that big date he’s promoting the record with a late night appearance. Making his late night debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the up and coming artist brought his blend of psychedelic rock, R&B, and pop to life. Starting off with the lonesome-sounding “Pirouette,” sitting and playing at the piano alone, eventually the performance built into a much larger scale as he transitioned into the second song, “Sleepwalking.”

For that track, Chiiild left the piano and the camera expanded to show the stage was actually stacked with two other string players. Then, walking from the initial barren room out through a series of colorful pillars, Chiiild made his way to yet another stage, where he was once again joined by live players. Speaking with Uproxx earlier this year, Chiiild spoke about the Black artists that inspire his work, and how their art is really a mirror that reflects society. Based on other early tracks previewing his debut ,like “Gone” and “Eventually,” Ayal will be doing just that with his own music, too. Check out the late night performance above and look out for Hope For Sale in July.