Chiiild’s Groove-Driven Single ‘Eventually’ Is Optimistic About Love

With every single released off his forthcoming project, Montreal-based singer Chiiild seems to explore a new genre. His recent track “Gone” was a coffeehouse anthem while his previous tune “Sleepwalking” was a driving lullaby. Now taking his sound to new heights, Chiiild leans on groovy bass guitar for his funk-forward single “Eventually.”

“Eventually” is the fourth preview Chiiild has shared of his impending debut album Hope For Sale. The song opens with atmospheric synths before Chiiild’s brooding vocals melts over a layered beat. “I know eventually / You will fall for me baby / And then you’ll want me back / I know you want me bad,” he sings at the chorus.

Previously speaking about his upcoming project in an interview with Uproxx, Chiiild noted his intentions for Hope For Sale:

“The intention I think was — to break it down — lyrically, to be more conversational, to reflect the times [more]. A lot of the artists that I love and I grew up on are just like mirrors of society… it’s beautiful because you see what’s happening, what’s trending in life, not so much just music, and you’re like, ‘Hey this is what I need to reflect, this is my reaction to that trend.'”

Listen to “Eventually” above.

Hope For Sale is out 7/23 via Avant Garden. Pre-order it here.