Chris Brown’s Family Is Worried That He’s Addicted To Codeine

According to gossip website TMZ, the friends and family of Chris Brown are worried that he’s addicted to codeine. They don’t quote any of his family members directly, but they do point to the above Instagram post as evidence.

The photo shows Brown on a trip he took to a pumpkin patch with his daughter Royalty. In the photo of Brown’s crew you can see two doubled-up cups (which is a common practice for lean drinkers or people who just want to keep whatever they are drinking cold, so that’s a wash). TMZ reported earlier that Brown had tested positive for codeine and weed during a custody hearing regarding his daughter, but added that the singer has a prescription for both.

Brown called the story “bullsh*t” before it was even posted, going off a heads-up from his publicist that TMZ was working on the story. He said that the only reason they were running the story was low traffic numbers. He added that he’s “having a great time being a father” and said he lives life “on my own terms.”

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