Colbert Gives Soup-Inspired Spotify Playlists The Mocking They Deserve

11.16.12 2 Comments

Earlier this week a press release was sent out by the Campbell’s Soup people announcing a new line of soups aimed at “millennials.” The soups, which come in a bag, are called “Campbell’s Go.” Part of the aforementioned playlist contained this amazing slice of corporate-speak (emphasis mine)…

Campbell’s Go is collaborating with Spotify, a digital music service that offers users on-demand access to over 18 million songs, to develop custom playlists using the bold flavors of Campbell’s Go soups as inspiration. The partnership will enable users to create synergies between the music and the soup flavor – for example, a playlist of songs that are all about cheese will align with Campbell’s Go Creamy Red Pepper with Smoked Gouda soup. Each time a user listens to a song on Spotify, they will be rewarded with a coupon and gain access to the entire playlist.

This led to righteous and well-deserved mocking from Colbert last night: “It’s like a playlist you make for your girlfriend, only your girlfriend is a bag of soup.”


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