Corey Feldman's New Music Video 'DUH!' Will Make You Hate Your Eyes And Ears

Oh hey, speaking of people that don’t understand the difference between being laughed at and laughed with, Corey Feldman has a new music video out and it is amazing. And by amazing I mean in the type of way that you will basically become envious of Helen Keller by the end of it. The Backdoor Teen Mom music video might actually be tolerable in comparison. “DUH!” features Feldman’s sad prostitute female entourage, “Corey’s Angels,” and is allegedly a work of hilarious satire. In an “exclusive” statement to Fishwrapper:

The “Ascension Millennium” video was the actor/singer’s first ever music video. “DUH!” marks only the 2nd music video the singer has ever released. The new video is a satirical spin on television through the times. The video lampoons not only Feldman himself, but also cleverly blends a spoof of reality television and 50’s sitcoms, with an homage to “I Love Lucy.” The video is directed by Corey’s comedic costar, Tanna Frederick, who recently worked alongside of him in his soon-to-be-released film “The M Word,” which hits theaters April 20th.

Yeah, I don’t so much remember the parts of I Love Lucy where cheap women dressed like angels danced all up on Ricky but maybe I just picked the wrong days to stay home from school sick as a kid.

Also, if you watch the video — and if you do, I sincerely apologize — he’s clearly still going for some kind of creepy Michael Jackson thing, but really he dances more like Mac from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. He’s going to give one of those poor ladies a black eye with elbows flying around like that.