Dan Auerbach Soundtracks The Last Summer In A Small Town With AM Gold In ‘Waiting On A Song’

Dan Auerbach’s latest video starts off with a toast. A toast delivered by a totally baked teenager in the middle of the woods surrounded by folks who could have been extras from the “One Beer” sketch, but that doesn’t make it any less heartfelt. The kid at the center of the clip laments the fact that all of his friends will go off to college and leave him behind in the fall, so he calls for them to make this summer count. He then pukes into the grass.

And where years of Richard Linklater films and shows like That ’70s Show — not to mention Dan Auerbach’s whole career — have trained us to expect some ass-kicking rock music at this particular moment, Auerbach goes left. Instead of the FM dial antics of album-oriented rock, we get some mellow AM gold to soundtrack these teens going out and getting into mischief. “Waiting On A Song” is probably the exact sort of thing that these characters would have rolled their eyes at if it came on their radio, but it doesn’t make it any less apt.

Check out the uber-nostalgic clip up top and then give a listen to his George Harrison-style pop-rock on “Shine On Me.” Auerbach’s solo album — also called Waiting On A Song — drops on June 2.