Dana Carvey Described The Time David Bowie Taught Him How To Dance

Dana Carvey has been in show business for a long time, including many years on Saturday Night Live, so he has crossed paths with a lot of famous people. He often likes to tell stories about these folks, and as an impressionist, he usually does a good job of impersonating them too. On his most recent stop on Conan, Carvey regaled us with the tale of the time that the late David Bowie taught him a dance move.

One evening, after an SNL taping, Carvey, Dennis Miller, and Jon Lovitz ran into Mick Jagger and Bowie at a café, where they were evidently smoking weed, which should shock absolutely no one. What is shocking, though, is that Carvey says he doesn’t do Bowie, making it one of the few people he doesn’t do an impression of. Fortunately, he does Jagger, Miller, and Lovitz.

Anyway, Bowie invited the three of them to come dancing, where Bowie taught Carvey some moves, including a spin move that he demonstrates for the crowd at Conan. It’s not a particularly fancy dance move, and maybe it wouldn’t be all that exciting if we didn’t know that Bowie is the one who showed it to Carvey, but anything the Thin White Duke touches is immediately worth some attention.

The clip also features an anecdote about Richard Pryor about food quality that’s pretty amusing. Two legends who passed far before their time somehow live on through Dana Carvey. Who would ever guess?

(Via Conan)