Danny Brown And Jpegmafia Premiere A New Collaboration At Smoker’s Club Fest

Danny Brown and Jpegmafia have worked together several times in the past few years, developing the sort of chemistry that brings out the best in both. Now, it looks like they’re going to extend that working chemistry, which they showed off as they premiered a new collaboration during Danny Brown’s set at this past weekend’s Smoker’s Club Fest in San Bernardino, California. The two underground rappers have been working on a joint album, which they also announced during the energetic set.

The newly minted dynamic duo first joined forces on Brown’s 2019 album Uknowhatimsayin on the track “Negro Spiritual.” Jpegmafia also produced the album’s single “3 Tearz” featuring Run The Jewelz. Then, Brown returned the favor, appearing in a hype video for Peggy’s 2020 EP, EP! (snicker), hanging out with him for an informal conversation at the end of the video “HTBAR 1.” They trade compliments after Jpeg declares “I’m not a big rapper,” taking turns telling each other, “No you’re a big rapper!”

Brown is currently working on the release of his sixth studio album, Quaranta, while Jpeg recently released his fourth album, LP!, which dropped in two different versions, online and retail, due to sample clearance issues. Stay tuned for more about their joint album.