Jpegmafia’s New Album ‘LP!’ Is Dropping This Week In Two Distinct Editions

Towards the start of the year, Jpegmafia dropped a new project, EP2!, and now he has another on the way. This time, though, he’s going with a beefier full-length project, called LP!. That’s set to drop this Friday, October 22, which is also the rapper’s birthday.

What’s noteworthy about the project is that it comes in two distinct editions: LP! (Online) and LP! (Offline). The song order between the two versions varies, and on top of that, the Offline edition actually features two more songs.

Among the tracks included (on both editions) is the recent single “Trust!,” as well as collaborations with Datpiffmafia and Tkay Maidza.

Check out the tracklists for both versions of LP! below.

LP! (Online)
1. “Trust!”
2. “Dirty!”
3. “Nemo!”
4. “End Credits!”
5. “What Kinda Rappin’ Is This?”
6. “Thots Prayer!”
7. “Are U Happy?”
8. “Rebound!” Feat. Datpiffmafia
9. “OG!”
10. “Dam! Dam! Dam!”
11. “Tired, Nervous & Broke!”
12. “Kissy Face Emoji!”
13. “Nice!”
14. “BMT!”
15. “The Ghost Of Ranking Dread!” Feat. Tkay Maidza
16. “Cutie Pie!”
17. “Bald!”
18. “Bald Remix!”

LP! (Offline)
1. “Trust!”
2. “Dirty!”
3. “Nemo!”
4. “End Credits!”
5. “Hazard Duty Pay!”
6. “God Don’t Like Ugly!”
7. “What Kinda Rappin’ Is This?”
8. “Thots Prayer!”
9. “Are U Happy?”
10. “Rebound!” Feat. Datpiffmafia
11. “[100 emoji]”
12. “Og!”
13. “Dikembe!”
14. “Tired, Nervous & Broke!”
15. “[fire emoji]”
16. “Nice!”
17. “BMT!”
18. “The Ghost Of Ranking Dread!” Feat. Tkay Maidza
19. “Dam! Dam! Dam! (OG Mix)”
20. “Untitled”

LP! is out 10/22 via Republic.