Dave Grohl Remembered The Time Taylor Swift ‘Saved My Ass’ During A Party At Paul McCartney’s House

We’ve all been there, right? Maybe you’ve had a couple, two, three drinks or so at a party at a friend’s house. The music is playing or the conversation is pumping when all of a sudden the spotlight turns to you to play a song, tell a joke, do a trick, and you just stand there frozen. This was the situation Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl found himself in recently during a party hosted at Sir Paul McCartney’s house.

Everything was going so well. The former Beatle was seated at a piano regaling the group with one of his new compositions to the absolute delight of everyone there. When he finished however, the room rallied around Grohl to get next up and play something. The only problem is that Grohl isn’t much of a piano player, and the famously leftie McCartney only had left handed guitars laying about, which were no use to the right-handed Foo Fighter.

Then, like an angel sent from above, Taylor Swift stepped in and offered to play something instead. “She saved my ass,” Grohl said. “She gets up and she starts playing this song and it sounds familiar and I’m kind of a little bit out of it and I’m looking at my wife like ‘I know this song what is this song.’” Sauced or not, Grohl eventually recognized that Swift was playing his Foo Fighters’ hit “Best Of You.”

Shouts out to Taylor for this one.