Dave Grohl Says He’s Obsessed With Taylor Swift, Which, Like, Join The Club

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Taylor Swift can add one more member to her massive army of crazed fans.

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl confessed his affection for the pop/country singer after Swift opened for Grohl’s group at BBC 1’s Radio Weekend on Sunday. Grohl, just as surprised as everyone else that Swift would be an opening act for anyone, took the opportunity to let the world know that he is, in fact, a “Swiftie.”

I’m officially obsessed — she might want to get a restraining order,” he joked to the crowd. “I’m all about Swift. I’m going to dedicate this song to Taylor Swift, how about that? This one goes out to my opening band, Taylor Swift.”

Grohl then introduced the Foo Fighters song “Congregation” — written in Swift’s hometown, Nashville — before dedicating two more songs to Swift during the performance.

While just teetering on the edge of creepy, it’s still hilarious to imagine the grungy Foo Fighters jamming out to 1989 in the tour bus. In retrospect, Grohl should have spoken up about his obsession a little earlier. I’m sure they would have found room for him in the star-studded “Bad Blood” video.

(Via MTV,  Twitter and utv)