Listen To David Bowie’s Latest Single, ‘Lazarus,’ From His Upcoming New Album

You probably saw the deeply strange, yet still incredible, short film that David Bowie released last month for the song “Blackstar,” the title track from his new album coming out in 2016. If you didn’t see it, check it out if you like super weird things, because it is nothing if not super weird (and the song is pretty decent, too). However, Bowie is not done there, as he has released a second song from the album.

Bowie had teased the track, entitled “Lazarus,” for a few days, but he has now released the full thing for our edification. It’s a sprawling six-minute song with some pretty strong horns that give it an interesting, somewhat dirge-like sound. The audio on YouTube says that there will be an official video premiere January 7, and, given the ambition of the “Blackstar” video, this could be pretty out there. Of course, that’s well established territory for Bowie.

On top of Bowie’s new album, he also has an Off Broadway play called Lazarus, and this is the only song on the album and in the play. Additionally, Michael C. Hall, who stars in the play, will perform the song Thursday night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Have you ever wanted to see the dude from Dexter sing a David Bowie song? You’ll get your chance. Otherwise, just check out the track.

(Via Stereogum)

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