DDG Remixed ‘I’m Geekin’ With Some New Assistance From Luh Tyler On The Added Verses

DDG has put a new spin on his “I’m Geekin” song by dropping an added remix with Luh Tyler.

“Pull up in Maybach, yeah, we finna swerve (Skrrt) / Like my bitch stick with a whole lot of curve / They payin’ the kid just to say all these words / Gotta go drop them bands, tryna get you a verse,” Tyler raps through the second verse.

“I’m countin’ pape’ while you sleep, countin’ sheep / Tell your b*tch pour me up, I ain’t sippin’ no tea / Tell that boy tie his lace, ain’t no trippin’ on me / In a Wraith, slidin’ round, b*tch, I’m with DDG,” he adds.

DDG also adds his new third verse after, even tossing a namedrop in for his collaborator. “I heard Luh Tyler wanna f*ck with one of my exes,” he said, before taking some time to comment on his haters. “I be in the blogs, topic of discussion / They say I’m a dog, always gon’ be somethin’ / I do somethin’ positive, they don’t discuss it / But when it be negative, them people love it, huh?”

Meanwhile, the original song continues to rack up streams on various platforms, with this likely giving it another added boost of popularity.

Check out DDG’s “I’m Geekin” remix with Luh Tyler above.

Luh Tyler is a Warner Music artist. .