Brockhampton Fans Think The Group Pulled A Frank Ocean By Announcing ‘TM’ After Releasing ‘The Family’

After announcing they would be splitting up, to the dismay of many fans, Brockhampton has decided to treat the fan base to not one but two final projects. Fans allege the gracious move is similar to when Frank Ocean dropped 2016’s Blonde and his visual album, Endless, shortly after that.

The Texas music collective has been on an “indefinite hiatus” since performing at Coachella last spring. Luckily for fans, during the show, they announced they would be releasing another project titled The Family, which dropped today (November 17).

But in a shocking turn of events, the group revealed it would release not one but two final albums, with the second dropping at midnight. The surprise project, TM, is “an album made up of songs that were started by the group during a two-week stint in Ojai, California in 2021, but were never fully completed during those sessions,” the group said in a recent press release.

Brockhampton leader Kevin Abstract revealed in a letter on social media that the project will let the group members, him included, “explore their individual futures.” Abstract is the only one featured on the 11-track project.

The move has fans comparing the group to Frank Ocean after he dropped 2016’s Blonde and his visual album, Endless, not too long after.


One fan said he couldn’t believe he had gotten “Frank Ocean’d” but was all for it.

“Cannot believe I just got Frank Ocean’d by Brockhampton man,” they wrote. “don’t get me wrong, that’s a good thing, though.”

Another person suggests the move was not only “genius” but expected.

“Brockhampton is genius for pulling that frank ocean move lol,” they tweeted. “it was kinda obvious they were on big p*ssy by Kevin abstract.”