DMX Fist-Bumped Steve Wozniak. Welcome To The Future.

I really hate being in a position where I have to endorse TMZ’s parasitic “Let’s hang out at the airport and harass anyone we recognize” brand of journalism, but sometimes, rarely, once in the bluest of moons, one of their Red Bull fueled minions will capture something amazing, and it can’t be ignored. We saw it earlier today with the Guy Fieri/hairdresser kerfuffle, and now we see it again, in this video of DMX meeting and fist-bumping Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Some highlights:

  • I have never seen anyone look as uncomfortable as Steve Wozniak looks throughout this entire video. I’m pretty sure he blinked out S.O.S. in morse code at one point.
  • There is no way DMX knows what the Apple II is. No way. I mean, DMX didn’t know what Google was as recently as last year. I refuse to believe he’s now a student of computer history.
  • DMX claims that he and Wozniak “planned a robbery” on the plane. SOMEONE MAKE THIS FILM IMMEDIATELY.
  • The fist bump, which has been immortalized in GIF form above.

We have much to be thankful for.

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