Doja Cat Will Star In Her Own ‘House Party’ Video Game

Entering the world of House Party is rapper and pop star Doja Cat, who is set to star in her own version of the game set for release this summer. The 3D single-player video game allows characters to create their own unique personalities, reacting to player interactions. Players can act through “hundreds of stories” with “thousands” of branching storylines.

“I’m so excited that I’m going to be a video game character,” said Doja in a statement. “House Party is about to get even better. You gotta check this game out.”

In Doja’s version of House Party, set for release this summer, players will help the “Need To Know” singer execute a master plan to track down a masked dancing sensation. Players will have access to multiple outfits for Doja to help her show off new dance moves, and help create a new music video.

“We are beyond ecstatic to be working with Doja Cat and her team on this collaboration,” said Bobby Ricci, Founder and CEO of Eek! Games, in a statement. “Doja Cat was the perfect pick to star in our first major expansion pack, and the more we work with her, the more apparent that becomes. We are excited to be able to bring this unique experience to the gaming world with our key partners, Bravado and Epik who helped in aligning us with Doja Cat.”

Doja’s video game news comes after 2K Sports revealed Machine Gun Kelly will be a playable wrestler in WWE 2K22. Quavo of Migos was also recently put into NBA 2K22.

A portion of the proceeds from Doja’s House Party game will benefit Advancing Children For Success, an organization dedicated to the development and protection of children and their families by way of improving access to nutrition, health, early learning, and skills development.