Don’t Hassle Lil Wayne’s Backup Dancers About Splitting The Check At P.F. Chang’s

Look, service industry people, if chronic-loving rapper Lil Wayne’s backup dancers come into your dining establishment and ask you to split the check, just split the damn check, okay? It’s just not worth it to try to otherwise.

Jennifer Slaughter, 24, of Auburn Hills, Mich., and Della Hamby, 26, of North Hollywood, Calif., were charged with third-degree assault and second-degree breach of peace.

The waitress at P.F. Chang’s said that she told Slaughter, Hamby and another woman who was not charged that they should have asked to have the check split at the beginning of their meal, not at the end, police said.

The women paid and left, but they later returned to retrieve a cell phone that one had left behind. They swore at the waitress and threatened her. Then, witnesses told police, one pulled the waitress’s hair while the other punched her. They threw the waitress to the floor and continued punching her, police said.

The third patron did not participate in the beating, police said. The waitress sustained minor injuries. A worker at the restaurant said Monday that she was OK.

Police found the suspects across New Britain Avenue from the mall, in front of the Old Navy store.

So let’s get this straight: You go to P.F.Chang’s, ask the waitress to split the check, come back later to beat her up for refusing to do so, and then you go to shop at the Old Navy across the street? Lil Wayne either has the most brazen backup dancers on the planet, the dumbest, or perhaps the dirtiest

I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help myself.

(Lil Wayne T-shirt pic via. HT: Pat Kiernan)