Drake Shared A Joyful Photo With Haim And The Sisters Had A Great Response

Last month, Haim launched the The One More Haim Tour and last night, the trek brought them to Toronto for a show at RBC Echo Beach. While they were in the city, they met up with its proudest resident, Drake, who shared a photo of himself with the sisters.

It’s a happy image, with Drake sporting a wide smile with his arms around the Haims, Alana smiling with her eyes closed and tongue out, Este striking a tongue-out-arms-crossed pose, and Danielle going for a more subtle smirk. Drake captioned the post, “Just met the Beatles.”

Haim later shared the same photo and referenced Drake’s caption, writing, “We’re the Beatles.” Este also shared the photo on her personal account and wrote, “reunited.”

This was surely a major moment for Alana, as she’s been a longtime Drake superfan: In a 2014 Cosmopolitan interview, she described a custom Drake phone case she made for herself, saying, “I found these crazy Drake stickers, so I just stuck them on my phone. Basically, it’s the best thing that now I get to see Drake’s face on my phone 24 hours a day.” She added, “I’m the biggest Drake fan of all time. I mean, we all are. We all constantly fight about who gets dibs on Drake. But I think Danielle, my middle sister, is the frontrunner. She’s actually obsessed with him.” After being told about Drake and Rihanna’s breakup, she also noted, “I want to marry Drake, but if anyone could steal my spot in Drake’s heart, it would be Rihanna.”

Later, the two would appear in the same 2015 “Mean Tweets” segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, while Alana and Este were seen attending Drake’s birthday party in 2017.