Alana Haim And Kelly Clarkson Discuss Splitting Their Pants And Exposing Their Butts While Performing

Last month, Haim announced that they’re going on tour this year. Based on a story that Alana Haim (aka the star of Licorice Pizza) told on today’s episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, though, one thing fans probably won’t see during those shows is leather pants: Haim recounted a tale about a time she split her leather pants while performing, and it turns out Clarkson had a similar story of her own.

Clarkson asked Haim about the “craziest moment” she’s had on stage. After explaining that she and her sisters decided to wear leather pants for the final show of a tour, as they had done for the rest of the tour, she continued, “These pants had no give. I remember specifically right before the show, because it was our last show, we packed everything up and it was already on the bus, so I had no other clothes. I don’t know what I did, but I might have got low or something and the back of my pants just completely split open.”

A wowed Clarkson interjected, “This has happened to me! ‘Since U Been Gone’ music video! My whole ass was hanging out. Whole ass, not even just a little. It was like, big ol’ butt behind. Just a big ol’ behind.”

After discussing the draft one feels in that situation, Haim continued, “I was on stage, and I was like, ‘Oh OK, I’ll just run off stage and come back on with new pants,’ but I realized that I had packed everything and it was far away. I just kept going and I didn’t turn around.”

Clarkson jumped in, “We have different size asses, that’s not a possibility for me.”

Haim pressed on, “I just was like, ‘If I get through this, it’ll be fine. I’m just going to get through it.’ I’ve never been more stiff in my whole life. […] I kept going, but it was terrible. I will never wear leather pants on stage again.”

Clarkson then added, “But here’s the thing: You might have never turned around, but the rest of the band and crew…” Haim finished the thought, “Oh yeah, they got a show. They got the best ticket in the house.”

Folks who have been paying attention to Clarkson’s show know this isn’t the first time she has used her platform to discuss a workplace disaster involving her rear end.

Watch the interview clip above.