Eddie Vedder Awesomely Kept A 22-Year Promise He Made To A Pearl Jam Fan

10.15.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

In 1992, Joe Wolfe saw Pearl Jam play a concert in Cincinnati. While the band was still in town, probably not enjoying Skyline Chili, Wolfe bumped into them outside of a movie theater. He told Diffuser, “I ran into [Vedder] and the band when they all went to the theater to see Wayne’s World. There weren’t camera phones back then and he said he would do a picture with me the next time I saw him.”

Fast forward 22 years, to October 1, 2014, when Pearl Jam was back in Cincy, still not eating Skyline Chili. Wolfe once again stalked, I mean, saw Vedder. He reminded the singer of his 1992 promise, and like an elderly woman behind the counter in a small town, he made good on it.

After the concert, according to Wolfe, Vedder invited him backstage to shake his hand and snap a photo (he also got an autograph and a guitar pick). Vedder thanked him for being a part of the show that night. If it sounds too good to be true, don’t worry: Vedder actually talked about the entire situation during the show, and explains why he didn’t take the picture with Wolfe initially (he thought he stole his joint at Bogarts 22 years ago!). (Via)

Here’s the video…

Via Diffuser

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