Elle Macpherson Told Jimmy Kimmel Some Fascinating Stories Of Modeling In The ’80s

Elle Macpherson, who is fifty years old and gorgeous, by the way, if you want to feel like a garbage person about yourself, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, where she told some interesting stories of her modeling days back in the ’80s. Specifically, she recalled her first big modeling excursion to St. Barts where she was accompanied by then-model Whitney Houston, along with Christie Brinkey who was also shooting something there.

The three models got wind that Billy Joel was playing piano in the piano bar downstairs, at which point Christie Brinkley was introduced to her eventual husband, and Whitney Houston also managed to sneak Joel her demo tape. Elle Macpherson tells this story pretty casually, like she didn’t personally witness two of the most important things that happened in the ’80s in one fell swoop. Modeling life sounds like the most magical thing ever.