Eminem Fans Have Cooked Up A Wild Theory About The ‘Revival’ Tracklist

The tracklist to Eminem’s long-awaited comeback album, Revival, has arrived, and plenty of fans are feeling lots of ways about it. For one thing, there appears to be a general sense of disappointment and confusion about the featured artists. After all, there’s no hint of the 2 Chainz collaboration that was once promised to be on it, as well as the presence of pop stars like Ed Sheeran and Beyonce — stars the old Eminem would never have collaborated with if he had any say about it.

Well, one Eminem fan on Reddit has cooked up an intriguing, far-out theory that may explain the absence of more hardcore collaborators such as 2 Chainz in favor of 2017 streaming favorite Sheeran. User Juan_tpose’s hopeful theory is that “it’s double album. Maybe that’s why the word “Revival” is only half showing. He still has to reveal the second half of the list, which has 2 Chainz and other rap features. I mean it has been 4 years.” Judging from the responses, not every fan is hopeful, but it would explain the lack of rap features (of which Em can generally be counted on to include a few).

It is an interesting theory, to say the least, and one of rap internet’s favorites to pull out of the bag around album releases. Remember the similar theory surrounding Kendrick Lamar and DAMN.?If anyone in the rap game has the clout to pull off such a feat, it’d be Eminem, who also has yet to notch a double album on his belt. In any case, at 20 tracks, Revival‘s song lineup is long enough to be a double album already, so it might only be wishful thinking on the part of fans disappointed that even Eminem is susceptible to the 2017 music marketing models that have blurred the lines between rap and pop.