Even Kids Don’t Understand What The Hell To Make Of Avril Lavigne’s Dumb ‘Hello Kitty’ Video

When Avril Lavigne’s video for “Hello Kitty” was released a few weeks ago, obviously most discerning adults thought it was crap, because, well — other than Brazilian weirdos who spend $400 to stand next to Avril Lavigne — most of us have evolved grownup musical tastes and like grownup music. This music isn’t supposed to be for us.

Well, I have no fricking clue who this music is supposed to be for, then, because the Kids React series showed a bunch of 8-13 year-olds “Hello Kitty,” and even the consensus of children is that it’s garbage. Don’t believe me? Here’s a choice sampling of things kids actually said while watching “Hello Kitty”:

“I have no words.”

“Is this like, a rap?”

*slowly pushes laptop away*

“Is it just me or do the lyrics not make sense?”

“I think this girl is just listing a bunch of Japanese products.”

“What’s wrong with her hair? God.”

“What does sushi have to do with this?

“Oh, Jesus.”

“What does this have to do with anything?”

*laughing* “Hello Kitty, why?”

“I’m kind of glad that’s over now.”

So if it’s not children, then who the hell is listening to Avril Lavinge’s music? I’m just gonna go with horny, single middle-aged men and call it a day.