Father John Misty Talked About His First Acting Role As ‘Guy Who Gets His Head Blown Off’ On Seth Meyers

Father John Misty made Sub Pop history, according to the label, last night when he became their first artist to sit down for an extended chat on late-night television. I’m just going to take them at their word on that one. Appearing on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Misty opened up about a wide-range of different subjects, including how he earned his famous nom de guerre, his aborted plans for a Pure Comedy musical, and most interesting of all, his first role as an honest to god actor in an upcoming film starring Sterling K. Brown.

“I get asked to be in [a lot of films],” Misty revealed. “It’s like hipster, shaman, time-traveling hobo…which, that sounds good. I would do that.” Then he opened up about his first experience in a film as “Guy Who Gets His Head Blown Off Within Like 30-Seconds.”

“This was like with real, real actors,” Misty explained. “Basically, I was like riffing the whole first day, which I didn’t even realize…I didn’t have lines the first day and I went to the director and I was like, ‘Am I doing okay?’ and he was like, ‘Yeah…you’re good. Part of doing movies is doing the same thing every time, and also, you can’t just apologize to the person you just pistol-whipped, because you feel self-conscious.'”

After hamming it up with Meyers, Misty then joined the rest of his band, including a full string and horn section to perform one of the best cuts off Pure Comedy, a song titled “Things It Would Have Been Helpful To Know Before The Revolution.” You can check out the performance below.