Feud Alert! Did Miley Cyrus Call Ed Sheeran An ‘A**hole’ When He Won His VMA?

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08.25.14 16 Comments

At last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, as Ed Sheeran was accepting his award for Best Male Video of the Year for “Sing,” one person not clapping was Miley Cyrus, who seems to have called him an “a**hole” as he walked by — while she sat stone-faced. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

What could the otherwise laid-back singer songwriter have done to draw the ire of Miley Cyrus, other than with his infuriating ginger moon face and hair? According to Us Weekly, Sheeran Had Some Sh*t To Say about Miley’s video for “Wrecking Ball,” in which she famously straddled a giant wrecking ball naked and licked a sledgehammer:

“It’s a stripper’s move. If I had a daughter of mine, I wouldn’t want her twerking. When I first heard ‘Wrecking Ball,’ I thought it was a brilliant song. But the video distracts too much from it.”

I mean, he kind of has a point. I’m not down with slut shaming or anything, but that video was just gross as evidenced by the fact that it was shot by creepy molester “Uncle Terry” Richardson. Anyway, I still wasn’t 100% sold by that gif, which has been floating around all over the internet, but I was able to find an HD clip via MTV, and if you ask me, SHE TOTALLY SAID IT.


Oh, it’s ON like Donkey Kong.

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