Florence And The Machine's Video For 'Breath Of Life' Will Make You Want To Sing

I have to admit, prior to seeing Florence and the Machine’s video for “Breath Of Life” embedded below, I don’t think I was aware of the existence of a Snow White & The Huntsman movie. It was completely off my radar.

Reports Indiewire:

Is it that soon? Believe it or not, “Snow White & The Hunstman” hits theaters in just a few weeks, which means the final marketing push will be happening to get moviegoers to buy a ticket, and Universal is hoping Florence + The Machine fans will be among those lining up for the fairy tale flick…The song is a better than average made-for-a-movie tune, and Florence’s voice is certainly one that’s hard to ignore. So overall, nicely done everybody.

The song will be featured on James Newton Howard’s official score soundtrack release hitting stores on May 29th, a few days before the movie opens on June 1st. Check out the video below followed by the soundtrack details.

Florence Welch and her Machine can virtually do no wrong in my eyes. Enjoy…

Thanks for the tip, Robo!