Frank Ocean Canceled A Festival Appearance And LCD Soundsystem Is Replacing Him

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Frank Ocean is dropping out of his headlining slot at Sasquatch. Knowing that fans were fiending for some ultra-tender, minimalist R&B the organizers happily obliged and replaced the Blonde singer with…LCD Soundsystem.

Don’t get us wrong there’s definitely more overlap between fans of LCD Soundsystem and Frank Ocean than say Spin and Car And Driver (I’m aware that this reference is old enough to be in kindergarten. Still bitter about it). But the vibes that Friday night attendees were looking for are incredibly thrown off. We’ve gone from adrift in space to adrift in my sense of place as I age out of a very specific scene in New York City. It’s an interesting switch, is all we’re saying.

Even more intriguing is the stated reason for Frank backing out. Apparently, weeks before the fest was set to begin, Frank “had to cancel due to production delays beyond his control.” That’s according to the press release announcing the switcharoo.

And Frank’s not the only artist who is being replaced. Ambient act Cigarettes After Sex has been replaced by indie popper Jay Som. That swap exists way further down in the small fonts than a Friday headlining slot, but it’s still something to know because Jay Som is awesome.