'Friday' Mastermind Patrice Wilson Is Back With A Song About … Skipping Rope

First, there was “Friday.” Then, “Thanksgiving.” What simple topic would ARK Music Factory CEO Patrice Wilson over-explain through song next? Would it be about a month? A number? Racism? Poverty? Genocide? The answer: skipping rope, courtesy of his next great band that will dominate the musical landscape for HOURS, if not DOUBLE DIGIT HOURS. Please welcome, rap duo Tweenchronic and their song, “Skip Rope.”

We can be anything that we want to be
Won’t back down don’t roll with the crowd
Like a jump rope we can never be broke
Twisted and never badder forever

/goes back in time
//writes “like a jump rope, we can never be broke” in everyone’s yearbook
///goes back further in time
////kills Hitler
/////goes forward in time
//////steals Patrice Wilson’s lyrics book
////////makes major bank

Tweenchronic got mad flow, bro, which is exactly how Patrice pitched the band to himself.