Future Comes Clean About His Addiction To Beautiful Women In A Promotional Video With Kevin Samuels

It’s been about two years since Future dropped a solo album, namely his eighth album, High Off Life. A few months later, he connected with Lil Uzi Vert for their joint album, Pluto X Baby Pluto. Since then, things have been rather low-key for Future, but 2022 appears to be the year that he returns with some new music. But before he does that, the musician had one thing to get off his chest: He sat down with Kevin Samuels to admit that he’s suffering from an addiction to beautiful women.

“Admitting you have an addiction is never easy, especially when you do it publicly,” Samuels tells Future in the video. “So Chanel, Birkin, Dior, APs, five-star hotels, vacations. Now last year, how much would you say that you spend on women.”

Future then admitted that he’s spent between two or three million dollars on women in 2021, which leaves Samuels completely surprised. “Every time I see a beautiful woman, I have to splurge, I have to spoil her,” Future confesses. “I realize that I have a problem right now. I need help.”

Then again, the conversation could simply.be a promotional effort, as it doubles as a promotional video announcing Future’s upcoming single “Worst Day.” He did not reveal an official release date for the song, but he confirmed that it is “coming soon.“”

You can watch the promotional video above.

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