Nicki Minaj And Kevin Samuels Were On Instagram Live Together And Her Fans Were A Bit Confused About It

It’s been nearly three years since Nicki Minaj dropped her last album, Queen. Since then, she got married, had her first child, and found herself in a fair amount of controversy. The singer is about to release her upcoming single, “Do We Want A Problem?” with Lil Baby, which she’s currently promoting.

In addition to riding the interview circuit, Nicki also went on Instagram Live with Kevin Samuels, a former consultant who has repeatedly sparked controversy on social media for his dating advice. His comments are often condescending, especially towards women, but Samuels’ conversation with Nicki was, for the most part, smooth-sailing.

At one point, Samuels asked Nicki to rate herself on a scale of 1-10 and the rapper chose 7, but Samuels was not satisfied with her answer. “It’s the default answer for most people because they don’t want to go too high, they don’t want to go too low,” he said. Instead, he gave the singer a 9 and said she “gets additional points for eyes.”

Despite their rather calm conversation, many fans were a bit confused as to why Nicki hopped on Instagram Live with Samuels and they took to Twitter to share their reactions.

You can view a clip from the Instagram Live above and read reactions from fans below.