GloRilla And Her ‘BestFrenn’ Gloss Up Make One Hell Of A Tag Team In Their Wrestling-Themed New Video

One of the traits that endeared GloRilla to audiences so much during her breakout in 2022 was her commitment to bringing her “ratchet ass friends” along for the ride. That included fellow Memphis rapper Gloss Up, who landed her own record deal with Atlanta’s Quality Control Music. Despite being on different labels now, the two clearly remain best friends, celebrating and showing off their bond in Gloss’s aptly-titled new single, “BestFrenn.”

In the video, Gloss and Glo get their GLOW on, borrowing the themes and aesthetic of an underground wrestling promotion. They make one hell of a tag team, taking on all challengers, which include the “Laso Girls” a cowboy-themed duo,
“Battle Buddies,” who share a military look, and “Biker Girls,” whose gimmick ought to be obvious from their title. In the lyrics, the two Memphis rappers boast, “Wе don’t do no one-on-one, we all bе jumpin’ in.” Sounds about right.

While GloRilla was the clear 2022 rookie of the year, Gloss Up was no slouch herself. She appeared on labelmate Lakeyah’s mixtape No Pressure Pt. 2, lending a belligerent verse to the single “Real B*tch” and establishing herself as a potential star in her own right. With Glo backing her up and the QC machine at her disposal, it’s only a matter of time until she proves every bit the crowd-pleasing presence as her bestie.

Watch Gloss Up’s “BestFrenn” video featuring GloRilla above.