GloRilla Pens A Inspirational Message To Fans About Not Giving Up

GloRilla‘s meteoric rise didn’t come easy. Despite the seemingly overnight success with the release of “F.N.F” last summer, the Memphis rapper wasn’t always sure how things would pan out. Before her rap career, the hitmaker was a fast food worker. In an Instagram post on Tuesday, the “Blessed” rapper shared a heartfelt, inspirational message about her journey in the music industry and not giving up on her dreams.

“2022 was Everything,” she wrote in the caption. “God kept his hands on me.”

The rapper said that she “never imagined” she would go on to make a breakout hit, win a BET award, and earn a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Performance for “F.N.F.”

The CMG rhymer also had her debut performance at the 2022 American Music Awards alongside her “Tomorrow 2” collaborator Cardi B. GloRilla noted she is thankful for all her success and is excited to see what the new year brings.

” [In] the beginning of last year, I would’ve never imagined that I would be making a breakout hit, signing to CMG, winning a BET award, making billboard top 10, performing at the AMAs with Cardi, getting nominated for a Grammy & the list goes on,” she continued. “You had to be there to know what I was going thru & what I went thru & that’s why I’m always smiling because weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning & THAT’S WHY I LUV TOMORROWS. I can’t wait to [see] what 2023 brings. LET’S GOOO.”