Godspeed You! Black Emperor Has No Use For Any ‘F*CKING INSANE’ Polaris Music Prizes

While it’s fun/terrifying to imagine the members of post-rock band Godspeed You! Black Emperor communicating only through long, maddening drones, they can actually speak (maybe) and write (definitely). Proof: GYBE won the Polaris Music Prize, which honors the best album of the year by a Canadian artist, for the majestic ‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!, but rather than accept the award in person, they instead released an angry statement.


hello kanada.
hello kanadian music-writers.

thanks for the nomination thanks for the prize- it feels nice to be acknowledged by the Troubled Motherland when we so often feel orphaned here. and much respect for all y’all who write about local bands, who blow that horn loudly- because that trumpeting is crucial and necessary and important.

and much respect to the freelancers especially, because freelancing is a hard fucking gig, and almost all of us are freelancers now, right? falling and scrambling and hustling through these difficult times?

so yes, we are grateful, and yes we are humble and we are shy to complain when we’ve been acknowledged thusly- BUT HOLY SHIT AND HOLY COW- we’ve been plowing our field on the margins of weird culture for almost 20 years now, and “this scene is pretty cool but what it really fucking needs is an awards show” is not a thought that’s ever crossed our minds.

3 quick bullet-points that almost anybody could agree on maybe=

-holding a gala during a time of austerity and normalized decline is a weird thing to do.

-organizing a gala just so musicians can compete against each other for a novelty-sized cheque doesn’t serve the cause of righteous music at all.