Guapdad 4000 Debuts His Laid-Back New Single, ‘Black Iverson,’ On ‘A COLORS Show’

Earlier this week, COLORS Studios announced its partnership with 2K Games to bring a uniquely curated collection of new music to NBA 2K22 for the game’s latest season update. A COLORS Show favorites like Enny, Smino, and more will feature both within the game and on the game’s official Spotify playlist. Today, the collaboration kicked off in earnest with its first artist, Oakland rapper Guapdad 4000, and his brand new single “Black Iverson.”

In true Guapdad fashion, the Bay Area fashionista appears decked out in a brown Marc Jacobs sweater, which complements the tan background behind him and truly pops with its big spot of purple, which matches his sunglasses. Meanwhile, the song is laid-back, with a swirling synth lead and swinging digitized drums that Guapdad uses to relay his rags-to-riches story and winkingly nod to Post Malone’s own breakout single, “White Iverson.” He also makes a slick reference to his Filipino roots, shouting out the savory and sour soup, sinigang.

“They used to try to leave me off the flyer for the shows / Now my trailer say ‘it’s Guapdad’ on HBO,” he rhymes. Talk about a flex; Guapdad recently posted about collaborating with Issa Rae on a mysterious project on Instagram, but the post has since been deleted, presumably to preserve the secrecy of the show in question. Issa’s got a few things in the works with HBO since Insecure wrapped up, so we’ll see which one the 1176 rapper ends up on.

In the meantime, you can listen to Guapdad’s new song “Black Iverson” above and stay tuned to COLORS Studios for the next NBA 2K22 single.