Halle Bailey’s Viral Video With A Young Fan At Disney World Made Her Feel Like Her Hard Work Is ‘Really Paying Off’

Yes, Harry Styles turned down the role of Prince Eric in Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. But that hasn’t stopped Halle Bailey from embodying the character of Princess Ariel both on and off the big screen. The actress and singer’s fresh perceptive of the character has hit home for a lot of fans, especially young children.

In fact, late last month, while visiting Disney World one young fan wouldn’t let Bailey go after embracing her real life princess in an adorable viral video. After uploading the video to social media, Bailey talked about the loving interaction. But now, during an interview with Entertianment Weekly, Bailey shared just how special the moment was to her.

“She just hugged me so, so tight and it honestly filled me up and made me feel good that I’m making her proud,” said the actress. “I was really trying not to get so emotionally overwhelmed by it.”

Bailey talked about how moments like that made her feel like her hard work is “Really paying off.”

Her fellow cast member shared their praises of her with the outlet. Melissa McCarthy, who is set to play Ursula, told the site, “[Halle] just floats through the world with tremendous grace and kindness.”

Bailey’s on-screen love interest, Jonah Hauer-King, who plays Prince Eric said, “Halle’s just a joy to be around.”

Meanwhile director Rob Marshall, said Bailey as the “Voice of an angel.” In a past interview, Marshall made it clear that Halle was casted strictly based on her talent or as he put it “no agenda” was involved despite what trolls say on social media.

The Little Mermaid arrives to theaters on May 26.