Have Solange, Beyonce and Jay-Z Made Up Already? WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN?

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05.14.14 2 Comments

Yesterday we speculated on the Great Solange-Jay-Z-Beyonce Elevator Met Gala Mystery by examining both Beyonce and Solange’s Instagram accounts since the elevator incident took place — and this morning Bey has thrown us a wild card by posting a bunch of photos to Instagram of her and Solange in happier times:


WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Are they already made up? Is Beyonce the queen of shade and is deliberately posting these both to taunt both her sister and people like me at the same time? IS BEYONCE A DIABOLICAL TROLLING GENIUS?

Meanwhile, TMZ is reporting that yesterday Jay-Z took Solange jewelry shopping in NYC yesterday, because why not? They’re just straight up f*cking with us, now. According to their sources, he and Solange browsed womens’ jewelry quietly at the high-end store Mr. Flawless for about 20 minutes without any signs of conflict or strife, and left without buying anything.

So, for better or worse, it looks like like Knowles-Carter family has gotten their affairs in order. Will we ever know what caused the incident that fateful night at the Met Gala? Did any of these theories circling the internet even come close to hitting the mark? I suspect we’ll never know. People like Beyonce and Jay-Z, you know, they’re professionals. This isn’t like Lohan or Gosselin amateur hour of dealing with family sh*t in the public eye, here. We’d probably have better luck trying to milk intel about extraterrestrials from the United States government at this point.

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