HER Is Suing Her Label MBK Entertainment

Last month, it was reported that the Grammy-winner HER, real name Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson, was being sued by acapella gospel group Take 6 who claimed that she used an “obvious” sample of the sextet’s song, “Come Unto Me” in her collaboration with Bryson Tiller “Could’ve Been.” Now, she’s doing the suing—against her label.

The Blast have reported that the singer is suing MBK Entertainment for the rights to her music catalog. The lawsuit was filed on June 16, and it says she is suing for declaratory relief and violation of the business and professions code. She signed a recording agreement with MBK Entertainment in 2011, when she was only 14 years old.

The owner of MBK Jeff Robinson, subsequently became her manager, and then fired the law firm that first represented her. “Robinson caused his own lawyers to represent Wilson in the negotiation of subsequent contracts, including publishing and touring agreements,” as per the court documents. She claimed that “those lawyers took 5% of the deals they negotiated, but did not have a written fee agreement or a conflict waiver signed by Wilson, and said that they performed the services ‘as a favor’ to their client Robinson who was paid 20% commission for each of those deals.”