HER Stages A Live Performance In Her Intimate ‘Damage’ Video

Ever since she first rose to prominence in 2017, HER has displayed an affinity for stripped-down, yet mysterious music videos, hiding her eyes behind dark shades and using moody, low lighting to almost obscure her identity as she bared her soul in song. However, over the past year, she’s begun to change that tendency, partly out of necessity, as she opened up with her Girls With Guitars live streams and had to rely more on social content to share her artistry as a result of the pandemic.

She continues that evolution in her new video for “Damage,” swapping out her usual shades for more straightforward specs and staging a live performance in what appears to be a hotel lobby with her band. The effect is a different kind of intimacy and a greater display of her confidence, which she built up with a string of performances for shows like The Grammys, The Roots Picnic, and The Tonight Show.

The next place she’ll demonstrate her newfound swagger is the Saturday Night Live stage, as she’s billed as musical performer for an episode hosted by Adele. While it’s been about a year since the release of her most recent album, I Used to Know Her, she’s got plenty of new music to choose from for the performance after releasing singles “Comfortable,” “Damage,” and “I Can’t Breathe” this year.

Watch the video for “Damage” above.