Here Are The Highlights From Jay-Z’s Random Pop-Up Twitter Q&A

Jay-Z has been pushing his #newrules gimmick for a while to promote his new Magna Carta Holy Grail album and his newest way to push the envelope was to get on Twitter and actually engage in conversation with people.

So it seems like Jay’s #newrules are actually “doing what normal people do all the time.” First, watch Jay-Z talk to people. Then watch him tweet to people. Tomorrow, we’ll see a clip of Jay-Z sending a text message because #newrules.

Actually, though, this was a pretty entertaining series of tweets as Jay (going to trust that it’s him) answered questions from a random assortment of people for a couple of hours. It’s probably the most transparent Jay-Z has been during his whole career which isn’t saying much.

But here he talks about his favorite albums, calls Miley Cyrus a God and discusses his controversial choice for favorite cereal.

Also, peep the way he uses brackets to answer tweets. #newrules.