Here Are The Photos Tiny Diva Ariana Grande Doesn’t Want You To See

Ariana Grande is a teeny, tiny singer with a huge list of demands. The pop star was in Australia this week for, among other things, a meet-and-greet with the local media. According to, the journalists on hand were told to stay clear of the following topics:

DON’T ask questions about:

(1) Relationships/Dating/Ex-boyfriends

(2) Mariah Carey

(3) Sam & Cat/Jennette McCurdy

(4) Working/collaborating with Justin Bieber

(5) Her grandfather passing away

That’s understandable. I wouldn’t want to talk about my exes or dead relatives with a group of strangers, either. But the requests didn’t end there. Photographers were given very specific instructions:

*DON’T use natural light.

*DO shoot only from the left side of her face.

Only one photo was snapped before Grande “left the hotel suite, complaining to her reps that she was unhappy with how her top looked in the poses.” She never returned. I never noticed until it now, but if you search Grande’s Getty pics, they’re all from one side. Except for a few that somehow slipped through.

Scandalized yet?