Here Is Katy Perry Hugging And Resting Her Head On A Pillow Shaped Like Nicki Minaj’s Butt

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11.10.14 2 Comments

Last night Katy Perry won “Best Video” at the MTV EMAs for her “Dark Horse” video.  Ms. Perry sadly could not attend the awards show, so she sent in a video of her acceptance speech. During her acceptance speech, Katy Perry snuggled a pillow shaped like Nicki Minaj’s famous derriere. Presented without comment, here is a picture of Katy Perry hugging Nicki Minaj’s butt:

This isn’t quite as random as it initially appears, because apparently Nicki Minaj had the pillow made and sent to Katy Perry after she admired her backside on Twitter earlier this summer.

If I could have a pillow made of anyone’s butt, I think I’d choose Scott Bakula. But like, Quantum Leap Scott Bakula, not NCIS: New Orleans Scott Bakula — obviously.

(Via Buzzfeed)

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